At Gestoría we have a complete multidisciplinary team to deliver permanent advice to foreign investors who need to establish their operations in Chile. We give support from the subsidiary constitution in Chile to the business start and development. We have the experience and knowledge to make all this work an efficient, transparent, and clear process.

Through its Legal and Tax area, Gestoría will point out all the necessary background information that a foreign company must to have operating in Chile, standing out following:

  • Companies constitution in Chile (after tax advice).
  • Legal representation.
  • Tax Address.
  • Start of business activities before the Internal Revenue Service, SII.
  • Enabling electronic invoicing, both national and foreign.
  • Support for bank checking account opening.

Outsourcing your company management in Chile with Gestoría
  • BPO accounting management, reporting and supervision of foreign subsidiaries in Chile.
  • Tax Address and Commercial License.
  • Company, subsidiaries, or agencies constitution.
  • Legal representation.
  • Complete Back Office: Billing, treasury, etc.
  • Compliance with labor standards.
  • Compliance with local tax regulations.
  • Permanent advisory and consulting.


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