We offer this alternative to our customers who want to open a business in the United States. Gestoría is a trained company that provide advice and comprehensive service on the following topics:

  • LLC or corporation in Florida and Delaware: In those American states we help you to star your corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). In both cases we are able to give you orientation to take best decisions.
  • Opening a current account: Always is better to have a current account in the same country where you develop your business. You do not need to travel to open it, we can advice you during the process.
  • Postal and tax address: Everything related to taxes in United Sates is a very relevant issue, therefore we will accompany you in every step that you need to take.
  • Accounting services: We will advice to you on legal, accounting and tax obligations compliance, in such a way as to make your company grow in a responsibly taking best decisions to your business.
  • QuickBooks accountable ERP licensing: We are experts using information technology in an effective, efficient and secure way.
  • Monthly and yearly tax declaration: Keeping all the tax matters in order will avoid mishaps in your business.
  • Annual tax renewal: we offer best professionals to advice you on compliance with your business tax obligations, complying with all current regulations in United Sates.

If you need a quotation or learn more about our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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