An organization of professionals, consolidated in the market due to its unique approach as an alternative in advising for business management.
It is supported by engineers, lawyers, auditors and consultants who update their knowledge in order to satisfy quality and independence policies.

Our mission is to support the achievement of the companies goals, taking care of the administrative management of your business and advising in its management.
We own the tools and the methodological approaches, considered as the best business practices, as well as our outstanding experience, to share them with our clients in the projects they entrust us.

Associates and managers:

José Suárez Muñoz, Business Associate, Postgraduate in Taxation and Certificate in Audit for Quality Management

Fernando Bernhardt Krebs, Lawyer specialized in civil, commercial, labor and tax law.

Camilo Lagos, Auditor Accountant, Certificate in Tax Reform IEDE Business School. / Andres Bello University Business School.

Pamela Díaz Bustos, Master in Taxation Universidad Andrés Bello. Graduate in Tax Management. Auditor and Public Accountant Universidad de Santiago de Chile. 10 years tax experience. Accounting Professor under IFRS regulations and National and International Taxation.


Service model /EDIS/

The management model to attend our clients´ current advising needs is simple and integral.

Simple: It comprises four basic processes.

Integral: It considers the troubled area in relation to other areas and evaluates every risk of the solution.


Basic Processes:

Understanding:This part of the process provides the business and the concerned area understanding and fixing the solution parameters to be provided.

Design: It details and evaluates the possible solutions. We select with our clients the most suitable solution according to their needs and resources.

Implement: To start the solution making sure that people in charge understand and are trained for the process application.

Supervising: Handles the tracing of the implemented solution during an operation cycle, in order to adjust it when needed.